The Trinity School Archive exists to collect, catalogue and preserve any artefact, photographs or other materials that will help to record and illustrate the history of the school, from its humble beginnings as ‘The Poor School’, its re-emergence as ‘Whitgift Middle School’ right through to the current day school named ‘Trinity School, Croydon’.

The Archives represent a physical repository for such material but, with the introduction of a digitalisation programme and the development of an online digital archive, the aim is to make all material available for access by as wide an audience as possible, whether current students, staff, parents, alumni or the wider general public.

The current archivist, Laurie King, would be delighted to speak with anyone interested in the school’s history, its association with the John Whitgift Foundation, as well as the inter-relationship with the other Foundation Schools, Whitgift School and Old Palace School.

For details on how to access the digital archive, please contact Laurie at:

lck@trinity.croydon.sch.uk or 0208 656 9541 Ext 747.

Please also follow Trinity School Archive on Twitter @ArchiveTrinity